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Take a look at our fine selection of boats and tours. Wether you want to sail your own boat or want a to explore the area with a skipper, we've got an option for everybody! Questions? Contact us through the chatbot and we will try to answer you as soon as possible!

From €127,-

Boottocht Zaanse Schans
The ultimiate windmill experience

Open Boat + Skipper

Are you looking to feel the breeze in the air while enjoying beautiful UNESCO scenery? In that case the open boat is perfect for you! Click here for more information or book you tour directly below! This boat comes with a fridge, luxury wine cooler, luxury pillows and blankets for colder days.

From €127

Zaanse Schans Boat Tour
The ultimiate windmill experience

(Partly) Closed Boat + Skipper

Are you looking to play it safe with the unpredictable Dutch weather? Or just looking for some shade, while cruising around? Then this is the perfect boat for you! This boat has the option to close completely, close parts or to open up completely, which makes it suitable for all weather conditions. This boat comes with a build in BBQ, Coffee Machine, Fridge, Luxury Wine Cooler, Luxury Pillows, Blankets and 220V Electricity. Is there anything more a boat can offer?

From €49,-

The ultimiate windmill experience

Open Boat - Sail Yourself!

Are you looking to explore the Zaan area on your own? Then this might be the perfect opportunity! With this beautiful Dutch sloop you can sail yoruself and explore the whole Zaan area on your own. Easy to sail and no license required!
Zaanse Schans Boottocht

Amsterdam Windmills

Want to make the most out of your visit to the Netherlands? Great! Join us for the best rated tours of the whole Zaan area. Dutch Boat Tours provides you with amazing boat tours along the windmills, where you will be ensured to have the best views. Let our centuries old heritage amaze you, while our tourguide/skipper tells you the secrets of the windmills.

Get your own private boat and enjoy this UNESCO protected area in full privacy. Or make some new friends and join a public tour. All our tours come with an experienced skipper/tourguide and food and drinks can be arranged as well! You will always sail on a luxury and safe open boat, where you have more than enough space to move around freely.
Discover the windmills in the best way possible with our Amsterdam Windmill Tour. In this tour we will sail past all the 10 windmills of the Zaanse Schans, where we provide you with all the information.

Our tours go from the Zaanse Schans Windmills, to the upcoming city of Zaandam and all the way back to authentic Dutch Wormerveer.
Join our cruise and discover why Dutch Boat Tours is the leading company in Windmill Tours at the Zaanse Schans Area.

Amsterdam Windmill Tour Packages

Want to make the booking proces as easy as possible for yourself? Please check out our packages!


Zaanse Schans cruise
Windmill cruiser

2 Hour Private Cruise

Make the most out of your windmill experience by covering the Zaanse Schans Windmills, cosy city of Zaandam and Wormerveer: the next tourist hotspot.


The Ultimate Windmill Experience

2.5 Hour Private Cruise with Unlimited Snacks and Drinks

Want to enjoy Unlimited food + Drinks on your tour? We got you! Enjoy our selection of the finest dutch snacks, beers, wines and soft drinks!


Varen in Noord Holland
Windmill basic

1 Hour Private Cruise

Enjoy the most important spots of the Zaanse Schans Windmills by boat. Your skipper will tell you the most interesting facts about the area and it's history, while you sit back and enjoy the scenery.


Curious what others have to say? Check our reviews below!

This tour was so awesome, it certainly exceeded my expectations. You can tell it was all thoughtfully composed. The best part were the windmills, but also, they had snacks that were relevant to the tour as we passed many of the factories that made those items. Overall we were well hydrated by their selection of beer, wine and soda, and it was very entertaining with both tour guides being funny, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommend booking this tour! Visit Timeshares
Shaina Nika
Absolutely stunning experience. I searched a lot and at this price i think this is the best we can get. Both Ilija and his pal were pleasant and informative,gave different stories around places as well as made recommendations. I will absolutely refer them to anyone planning to Amsterdam
Travel Blogger
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