25 Minute Public Cruise

  • 25 Minute Public Cruise

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The ultimiate public windmill experience

25 Minute Public Tour

Looking to get the most out of the Zaan area, while having limited time? Look no further! In our 25 minute public tour we cover all the highlights in the area, while we provide you with all the information you need to know! The group is always max. 12 people and our boats leave every 15 minutes!

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May 2022
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25 Minutes - 7 Windmills
Experience the highlights of the Zaan area in an open boat! Cruise along the 7 windmills while the skipper tells you everything you need to know about the area, windmills and the traditional houses at the other side.
Experienced Skipper, Luxury Open Boat
All our tours are accompanied by an experienced skipper/tourguide, who will not only tell you everything about the area in perfect English, but who will also guarantee your safety. All our tours are done in luxury open boats, in order to guarantee a comfortable ride.
Maximum Passengers
To ensure high quality and personal tours we have a maximum of 12 people per boat. Would you like to enjoy this tour with more than 12 people? No worries! We can host you guys on our other boat as well!
What to Bring?
Camera, Smile and please dress according to weather. Do consider that it always gets colder on the water.
What to do with Bad Weather?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you! If the weather turns out to be bad while you booked your tour, you will get a 100% refund! Since we are devoted to providing the best experience possible for you, our boats are open. In this way you can fully experience the sun and a nice summer breeze. Due to our open boats, we only operate on days with zero to little rain.

Zaan Private Boat Tour

Amsterdam Windmill Cruises

On this tour you will see 7 lined up windmills and we will have the best view from the water. Our skipper will tell you amazing stories about the secrets of the windmills. At the other side you will see beautiful typical Dutch houses, which can only be seen up close by boat. On our boat you will have the chance to meet new friends and to ask all your questions regarding this beautiful area to the skipper. See you there!

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