Best things to do Zaan

#1: Private Cruise

Who would have had expected another answer by us boatys right? But let’s be honest, does anything top experiencing the Zaanse Windmills on a private boat with all your friends? I don’t think so right?

Just imagine yourself on a beautiful luxury boat, unlimited drinks and food and a experienced skipper that tells you everything you need to know about the Zaanse Schans. For us this is the ultimate way to experience the Windmills, and if we would know a better way, we would probably have started a tour about it. So until we find an even better way to showcase our world heritage, please sit back and enjoy your drinks on one of our beautiful boats!

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#2 – Stroll Through the Hidden Streets

Want to escape the crowds and have an authentic experience? Good, it’s time to stroll through the small streets and explore how people in this area actually live. Expect: beautifull painted houses, authentic living and the real Dutch experience. Spoiler alert: people do actually live in these houses and no it is not all an an open museum!



#3 – Zaans Museum

Now in all honesty, we are not the kind of crowd that visits museums every weekend. But we have to be honest, the Zaanse Museum is well worth a visit. Obviously the museum is there to educate you and is therefor very informative, but the special layout and setting makes it all very fun and interactive. This attraction can be recommended for anyone at any age, go there educate yourself, you will not regret it.

#4 – Food at Wolfsend

Fancy a decent bite and coffee? Well there are many places to go, but our favorite is definitely Wolfsend. Their interior is nicely fixed, service is quick and friendly and their sandwiches are amazing. Our favorite: take the smoked salmon sandwich.

#5 – Craft Beer at Brouwerij Hoop

In the mood for some local craft beers? Then Brouwerij Hoop is the place for you! This brewery can be a bit hard to find, since it is in the middle of a residential area behind the water, but the stroll to the brewery is just as beautiful as the brewery itself. Get there, order yourself some craft beers and enjoy the taste of the Zaan.

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